If you are planning a stay in Victoria Falls, please consider a visit to the Lesedi project.

Our Lesedi tours enable visitors to enjoy a cultural exchange and get an insight into life in a rural community in Zimbabwe. The Lesedi pupils love welcoming visitors and showing off their school. Visiting tour groups also provide an opportunity for the children to demonstrate their improving English skills.

In addition to the school, you will have an opportunity to visit one of the local family homes, gaining an understanding of how the community survive. You will take a step back to a time of communal living and inter-dependency, where skills are handed down through the generations.

While the Lesedi tours provide a vital income source for both the school and community, the children are also benefiting from their exposure to international visitors. Interaction with visitors to the school has not only increased the confidence of our pupils, but also continues to broaden their horizons and fuel their ambitions. 

If you are interested in an extended visit to Lesedi, we always welcome volunteers to give us a hand and will probably be able to find a role for you regardless of your skills/experience or the amount of time you can commit.