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From the start of the project, it has been a priority for us to feed our Lesedi learners. Without school meals the children will be hungry and unable to concentrate. For some children, the food they receive at Lesedi may be their only meals of the day. This is particularly true in drought years when family crops have failed.

All children at Lesedi Primary receive porridge for breakfast. Then all the learners – at primary and secondary – enjoy a nourishing lunch each day.

We endeavor to provide nourishing food, as many children will not eat well at home. Lunch always includes fresh vegetables, and the relish includes either meat, beans or soya chunks.

We are doing what we can to become self-sufficient. Vegetables are grown at Lesedi Secondary, and we raise chickens and pigs. However we need to raise around $5 000 each month during term time to keep the feeding program going. This year we will be serving around 150 000 meals. Please sign up to be a monthly donor today and help us to feed our learners. Any contribution is appreciated ā€“ no matter how large or small.

I live in Ntabayengwe village nearby Lesedi. The area is dry, has poor soils and we are unable to grow crops for most of the year. It is the same for most villages around Victoria Falls. That makes it difficult for many families to provide food. We also have wild animals and birds feeding on the little produce we manage to grow. Being at Lesedi School has been a great relief for our family and others; parents are no longer struggling to find some food for their kids. We appreciate the food we receive. In primary school they get porridge for breakfast and also lunch. This means our parents are less stressed about feeding us and can make better plans for supper. In secondary school some do bring food for breakfast from home but not all of us are able to, so we just wait for lunch. Iā€™m grateful all my friends and the rest of the kids get fed at the Lesedi schools, and are healthy. The feeding programme is one of my favourite things about coming to school. I only wish it extended to weekends too!
Nyasha Chikovera – Form 2, Lesedi Secondary School

How to Support

If you would like to chat to us further about contributing to our feeding program at Lesedi, please drop us an email.

Alternatively, you can set up a recurring donation and add a note that the purpose is to help fund the school feeding program. We will then ensure your donations are allocated for that purpose.

Donation methods

Please use the standard donation methods, based on where you are making payment from.

The best form of contribution is a monthly recurring donation. Regardless of whether your donation is large or small, it will be a valuable contribution. Please help us to ensure no child is trying to learn on a hungry belly.

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