Lesedi Secondary School

Lesedi Secondary School opened for Form 1 learners in 2022 (including many of our pioneer students who started with us in 2014). At Secondary level we are teaching two streams of pupils, so have welcomed children from other local primary schools, in addition to those from Lesedi Primary. We are adding a new Form each year, so by 2025 the school will be teaching Forms 1-4 (up to ‘O’ Levels).

In addition to the academic syllabus we are providing a strong vocational offering at Lesedi Secondary, ensuring that all our learners will have the opportunity to excel.  All secondary learners receive a hot and nutritious lunch each school day.

Having given the children hope and encouraged them to dream, we felt it would have been wrong to abandon them after primary education. So we took the ambitious decision to build a secondary school. However we had not fully appreciated what would be involved – particularly the financial challenges. We are doing our utmost to provide a broad academic education, combined with a strong vocational offering. Our aim is that every child should discover something that they are good at – or passionate about – before they graduate.

In 2024 we have added Form 3 at Lesedi Secondary, with our pioneer learners sitting ‘O’ Level examinations at the end of 2025. Please consider helping us by making a one-off or regular donation – sponsoring a child or teacher, or supporting our feeding program. We can only achieve this with your support.

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