Lesedi Clinic

Having started the project at Lesedi, we soon realized that healthcare was a major problem. The nearest public clinic was far from Lesedi, with transport and treatment costs unaffordable for most. Building a clinic at Lesedi was a hugely ambitious project but despite the challenges, Lesedi Clinic opened to the community in 2020.

In addition to serving the wider community, the clinic provides a vital health resource for our Lesedi learners. Some of our children have long-term health conditions, and the clinic ensures a consistent supply of medication and regular monitoring.

The Clinic has maternity facilities and is a vaccination centre for the community, providing child immunizations as well as covid vaccinations. A wide catchment area includes other local schools, in addition to Lesedi.

Our small team at Lesedi Clinic provides an excellent resource for the community. For the primary and secondary schools, having a clinic on-site is incredible useful. Parents rarely seek medical attention for their children – understandably fearful of the cost – so our learners are often sent to school with various ailments that need treatment.

We provide medical support for a few children with long-term health conditions, including sickle cell anemia, diabetes, epilepsy and cerebral palsy. For many children, we are their only option. We will continue doing all we can for the children’s health and welfare, but taking on a long term commitment has financial implications. Please consider donating to help cover medical expenses and treatment.

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