Sponsor a Child

At Lesedi we are on a mission to give each of “our” children the opportunity to achieve their full potential, regardless of their start in life. To do this we need your help! Sponsoring a child at Lesedi is so much more than a monthly donation to support the needs of a child in a distant land. For us it is personal! When a child enrols at Lesedi they join our family. Your sponsorship is a big part of this, expanding the child’s horizons and giving them a sense of worth as they realize that they are valued and loved.

Sponsorship costs just $30 per month per child. If sponsoring from the UK, the cost is £20 per month if we can reclaim gift-aid. Without gift-aid the cost is £25. Sponsorship payments are tax-deductible in the USA and UK.

Many of the children attending Lesedi Primary and Secondary Schools face considerable struggles and challenges in their day to day lives and without sponsorship their education would be extremely limited, with many liable to drop out of school. Sponsorship gives them a unique opportunity to improve their circumstances in life.

Lesedi means light. For me the light came just at the right time. My family has been struggling financially since I was a child. Things got worse for our family when my sister lost her job and the next option for me was seeking employment as a domestic help. I didn’t want that. I wanted to be educated and to become a nurse. I got a place to learn at Lesedi, which is very close to our homestead. The teachers are very helpful . When my parents were called to the school to be told I had been found a sponsor to cover my education we celebrated. The school fees are being paid for and I also get stationery. My sponsor has not asked for anything except that I do my best and work hard in school. I am grateful to my sponsor, and to Fiona and the team who work hard to make sure we have
sponsors. We still have challenges at home but I am glad my education is not one of them anymore. I am determined to succeed!
Amanda Kuwana – Form 2, Lesedi Secondary School

How to Sponsor

Please drop us an email with the great news that you are interested in sponsoring a child.

We will match you with a child and send a sponsorship document by email, including details of your child and a photo.
We endeavor to accommodate any preference for gender and/or age, depending on which children are available for sponsorship at the time.

Payment methods

Please use the standard donation methods, based on where you are making payment from.

As a reminder, the cost is $30 per month / $360 per year if paying from USA or other non-UK country
From the UK, the cost is £20 per month / £240 per year if we are able to reclaim gift aid (remember to tick the gift aid box). Without gift aid the cost is £25 per month / £300 per year.

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