Sponsor a Teacher

What is a school without teachers? So much of the investment in Lesedi has been in bricks and mortar as we have developed the project, however without teachers we would just have a bunch of fancy buildings. It is our dedicated teachers who are the beating heart of Lesedi. They educate, nurture and counsel our kids. The teachers are role models, teasing out potential in our Lesedi learners, encouraging the children to reach for the stars.

What better way to donate funds than to sponsor a teacher for a year, or even for a month or two. Please help us to fund our amazing teachers who are so dedicated to Lesedi.

The cost of employing a teacher varies, depending on qualifications and experience/position, but is generally in the region of $4 500 – $6 000 per year. Lesedi currently has a team of 24 teachers. If you are considering a substantial donation, sponsoring a teacher for a year would be an amazing and rewarding home for your gift. Perhaps you have a personal connection to one of the subjects we teach, or a grade teacher who was instrumental in your own education?

If you are able to help with a monthly recurring donation, any contribution you can make will be extremely valuable. With no government support, it is extremely challenging to raise sufficient funds each month to cover the cost of staffing two schools and a clinic. We also employ a team of wonderful nurses and a considerable number of auxiliary staff from the local community. In addition, we fund a weekly doctor’s surgery at Lesedi Clinic. Please help us to cover these costs.

How to Sponsor

If you are able to sponsor a teacher, please email us if you would like further details.

Alternatively, you can set up a recurring monthly donation and either add a note that your donation is to help with teaching costs or send us an email so that we can ensure your donation is allocated correctly.

Payment methods

Please use the standard donation methods, based on where you are making payment from.

The cost of sponsoring a teacher ranges between $4 500 and $6 000 per year, depending on the teacher. However any monthly recurring donation amount would be extremely welcome as a contribution to our staffing cost.

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